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HOT OFF THE PRESSES! ‘Abolish Straightcore’ release party!

// april 6th, 2014 // label, label news, music, press, releases, shows //

We are happy to announce that our first release, Abolish Straightcore – a split 7″ between FUK and Flocken, is done! We are in the midst of planning awesome release parties in multiple cities.

We will host a release party in Stockholm at the community built, all-activity culture space Cyklopen. Flocken will play, FUK will play and there will be a lot of other amazing things happening.
Join us there to celebrate!

Here’s the facebook event with continuous updates:

Please note that the party is alcohol- and drug free and that we also will not tolerate any sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism or other shitty behavior. Please be aware of your privileges and take and leave space accordingly.

Thank you for the support!

// mars 10th, 2014 // label, label news, music, releases //

Our Indiegogo fundraiser is over and has collected amazing $368!!
Thank you to all our funders Grrrl Collection, lottie.andersson, David C Sjöberg, Martin Wilson, unnet, garidisk, Smulan, Karina Sarkissova, lucasstalklinga and ktimmerbacka, and all other people who have helped spread the word about the release and the fundraiser! We are humbled by your support.

Right now we are planning the release party and making the insert/mini-zine for the record. Keep your eyes out for a date in April!


The test pressings are done!

// februari 23rd, 2014 // label, label news, music, press, releases //

Okay queers, the test press of Crush & Create Records‘s first release is done!!!
We are not kidding you, Continue Reading