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Svärta vinyls have arrived!!

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Oh joy, all the vinyls of the splendid album from Svärta have arrived at the end of last week (mer…)

ALEX PÄIVÄT REPORTS: Umeås Bitchcraft are aiming for the stars

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Photos: Lucas Stålklinga, Alex Päivät, Collage: Sabina

A friend once told me that there were three Swedish bands that everyone should listen to. The bands he listed were Totalitär, Anti-Cimex and Witchcraft. Well, if he had replaced Witchcraft with Bitchcraft I had been prepared to agree with him.



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Photos: Alex Päivät, Collage: Sabina

As of 2015 the hardcore scene is still dominated by heterosexual cis-males. But something is brewing in the Swedish hardcore scene. More and more female and trans people are starting bands and challenging the status quo. And in the north there is a band with a zerovision regarding men on stages.



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Announcement! Alex Päivät, who makes Kissan Päivät zine and play in Benmjöl will be interviewing bands and writing about shows for us! Check it out in the menu above!

We might also publish some of our own unpublished things on that page, interviews we have made that never made Crush & Create Zine etc. Fun huh?!