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Photos: Alex Päivät, Collage: Sabina

As of 2015 the hardcore scene is still dominated by heterosexual cis-males. But something is brewing in the Swedish hardcore scene. More and more female and trans people are starting bands and challenging the status quo. And in the north there is a band with a zerovision regarding men on stages.

Luleå is a working class town in the north of Sweden. The man who planed the city lived in the south and planed the city as such, resulting in that the town is always freezing cold as the winds from the sea blow right thru the city. It have been voted the worst planed city in the world.

From the even further north of Lapland cargo trains roll into Luleå loaded with iron ore that will be melted in the towns big steelmill. And it was in the shadows of this giant steelmill that the hardcore punk scene of Luleå started to emerge.

The last twenty years the scene have consisted of crust and other forms of raw punk. It was only natural that a band like Nollvision would happen as a counter reaction to the CIS-male dominated scene. Fronted by the teenage, feminist, power duo of Alva and Asse the band have taken on the entire Norrbotten scene with their intense and simplistic riot grrrl music.

When I saw them play their debut show, a bill they shared with the Umeå transcore band Utan Tvekan, they had the audience in their pawn. Alva and Asse jumps, dances, crawls, prance and march across the stage. They scream their hearts out during the show against fascists, men and the bloodsuckers in the south. Alva wears a big red hoodie with the word dyke in capital letters on it and laughs as she tells a story about a cop burning himself on a bengal light.

In the early nineties the Swedish fanzine scene flourished. The zines was for the most part made from young kids that saw the world in black and white, influenced from the hardcore boom that was happening in Sweden at the same time with bands such as Refused, Outlast and Final Exit. Veganism, straight edge, hare krishna and skateboards was common topics in the interviews and reading them today they seem really naive. But back then everything was about the politics of the scene. Something that I really can admire. So I took a buch of silly questions from some old hardcore zines and Alva and Asse was kind enough to answer the stupid questions.

Can you tell us about those who play in the band?

– Besides us it is Malin, Sara and Jonathan. It is our first band, Malin and Jontes second band and Sara has played in a ton of bands. We do the singing, Malin plays the drums, Sara plays the guitar and Jonte play the bass.

Is it important to have something to say as a band or is it just to play
and have fun?

– For us its important, although we do not care if others have anything to say or
not. It was important to just do something, fuck what, fuck if it’s good, just doing something!

What is the greatest problem in modern society?

– Ugly guys.

What do you think of the police?

– Disgusting fucking pigs that just destroys. A.C.A.B F.T.P.

What do you think about the hardcore scene in Luleå?

– It is small and cute. There is a lot of disgusting men, but we rule the scene so its alright.

What do you think about Norrbotten hardcorefest?

– It is fun. Especially since it is in January, the toughest and coldest month. However,
alot of guys as usual.

Do you have any message in the lyrics?

– Fuck guys, fuck the police, fuck Stockholm, fuck everyone else too for that matter.

What does Nollvision means?

– We were wondering that ourselves, if you come up with something let us know.

What do you think about Hare Krishna?

– What the hell is Hare Krishna?

Are you pro-life / pro-choice?

– Pro-satan.

Is it true that you are not a straightedge band?

– Well, it is true.

Are you socialists?

– Yes föfan. No fucking compromise.

Do you think that direct action is right, for example against fur farms or burn
slaughter trucks?

– All resistance is good in theory but sometimes it doesn’t work in reality! So
Yes, but it depends entirely on case to case.

What are the best hardcore bands right now?

– Svin, Utan Tvekan and Korp. Korp is our favorite band ever.

Alex Päivät
May 2015

Watch a video of Nollvision playing at Föreningsgatan 7 in Luleå, here:

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