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Big interview with Sanna about queer punk and queer hardcore

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Turist i Tillvaron zine 1-2016
The new issue of the new Turist i Tillvaron zine is out and we are honored to take up so much space in the magazine with an extensive interview with Sanna about queer punk and queer hardcore. (mer…)

PERKULATOR pre-order available!

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We are so excited to announce that the pre-order for the upcoming album with Perkulator is up!
Perkulator is a great band from Umeå that play punk mixed up with metal. (mer…)

ALDRIG ENSAM released online!

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Hi everyone!
Happy to tell you all that we have put up Aldrig Ensam in the webshop (mer…)


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Our compilation tape is finally done! Thanks to all contributors and all the 11 great bands!! (mer…)


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This Friday and Saturday there will be no less than 14 bands playing in Malmö at ”SLÄPP FÅNGARNA LOSS DET ÄR KNAS” (
All money goes to support convicted anti-fascists. (mer…)

Release parties and some fall news!

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We may have been a little quiet here on the web page but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy, on the contrary!

This summer we have finalized our releases with (mer…)

Solanas Cunts and Raivoraittius open for pre-order!

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Things are moving forward at Crush & Create HQ. Pretty soon we will (mer…)

CCR plans/releases 2015!

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As January has come to its end so has Norrbotten Hardcorefest, thank you for a splendid time! We can’t wait until next year’s edition!

At Crush & Create Records we have (mer…)

Music video for Flocken’s ”Ruttna Ideal” by W*LLP*W*R!

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This video premiered at our release party in Malmö quite a while ago, but now we’re giving you the link (mer…)

Do you have pics, vids or sounds from our shows?!

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Hey friends!
We are building our archive to make sure that this part of the queer punk movement is being documented. (mer…)