Online zine Lukinzine writes about Crush & Create

// juli 3rd, 2013 // label news, press

Hey hey hey, online fanzine Lukinzine have said a little something about Crush & Create Records. It’s in Swedish, but there is always.. Google translate for those of you who want to check it out even if your Swedish reading skills are deficient.
If you don’t know about Lukinzine, they describe themselves like so;

”Lukinzine is a religiously and politically independent online fanzine about music.

The basic idea of Lukinzine is to monitor interesting music that major media opt out or miss. We will also focus on other parts of the music industry like record labels, promoters, record stores and more, so as to paint a broader and more interesting picture. Review-wise, we will also write about the more established acts, but the main focus will always be on the less established ones.

We choose not to have a genre focus because we believe that music should be seamless and that there may be something worth discovering no matter where we look.”

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