CCR plans/releases 2015!

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As January has come to its end so has Norrbotten Hardcorefest, thank you for a splendid time! We can’t wait until next year’s edition!

At Crush & Create Records we have an exciting year ahead of us. A lot is planned for 2015, but there are still some room for more awesome things, so hit us up if you have any ideas!

A big release we are doing is Solanas Cunts!
Those of you that don’t know them yet have a lot to discover. Frequently playing shows -fists in the air- and angrily (and rightfully so) taking up space in a lot of different venues. We are super excited for this release, which will be our first full length one. Hope you’re excited too!

Other releases we are doing are;

Lily, a three-piece folkpunk band from Umeå/Malmö going on its fifth year.

Svettas eller Dö:

And we also have a few other bands up our sleeves but we’ll keep them a secret for now.

Crush & Create zine #2 will also be released this year! (get the first issue here)
This time the overall theme will be on music, but a more detailed submission call-out will be published when we’re done with that.

We’re also super excited that Against Me! are coming to Sweden in April —Laura we love you!!

So all in all this is probably going to be a fucking awesome year!

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