5 days, 2 countries, 3 cities

// juli 23rd, 2013 // abroad, label news, merch, music, new bands, shows

CCR on tour!
So we went on tour and just got back yesterday. Passing many cities but stopping in 3 of them.
Met a lot of fantastic queer punks that inspired us, found more than a couple of things to put in the distro, saw some shows and met with FUK to talk about the upcoming split with Flocken. It is going to be great! They also played in Copenhagen together with Glory Hole (their last show on the Europe tour) and Orphans. A night of the best queer mosh pit, a glitter backdrop and a lot of tin foil. One might also assume that we spread some nice CCR-stickers through the cities that we passed, one just might just assume that..

We also met with another, still to be undisclosed, band to talk about the future.
So a lot of exciting stuff!

This is us in the rehersal space of Fucked Up Kueers, during a late night jam session:


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