Big interview with Sanna about queer punk and queer hardcore

// april 14th, 2016 // label news, music, new bands, press

Turist i Tillvaron zine 1-2016
The new issue of the new Turist i Tillvaron zine is out and we are honored to take up so much space in the magazine with an extensive interview with Sanna about queer punk and queer hardcore.

And to leak some news in the words of Sanna about the interview ”Also, he asked me at the end of the interview what my dreams for Crush & Create Records would be and I answered that the biggest dream would be to have some of the ultra classic queercore bands signed, which actually happened the other day. And in the interview I also said that I wish to start playing with my idols, a band that I love so fucking much and last week I started rehearsing with them. The universe has been kind to me lately.”

We are excited to tell you more about our news but you’ll have to wait for a wee bit more.

You can get the zine at Rungång in Malmö or here:

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