Do you have pics, vids or sounds from our shows?!

// augusti 13th, 2014 // label, music, shows, video

Hey friends!
We are building our archive to make sure that this part of the queer punk movement is being documented. And because we love to watch videos and photos of all that has happened the past year..#feelings.
We would love to make this archive bigger! And we would love to do that with you! Do you have any video/-s, photo/-s, a sound recording or something else that’s connected to Crush & Create Records in any way and want to share it with us? That would be awesome!!
Please send it, or a link to it to

We will also continue this archive so if you want, make it a habit to email us material and help us out in keeping it growing.

And for future reference, the official tag for us is #ccrecords.
Flocken: #flockenmusic, FUK: #fuckedupkueers.


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