Glitterbomb, a DIY queer punk fundraiser

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Eekum Seekum is a queer, trans & feminist band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are also one of my absolute all time favorite bands. When I heard them for the first time I still had no idea I one day would run my own queerfeminist punk label. And the idea of one day releasing a record with Eekum Seekum, together with one of my dear friends, who I at that point didn’t even know, I could never have guessed!

But a couple of months after first hearing Eekum Seekum, and from that point on loving them completely, my life changed drastically. I got really depressed and dropped out of school, had no money and no idea where to live, and the only thing I could think of to make me happy was queer punk and so one day, I decided to have my own label, Crush & Create Records. My friend Sabina joined me and we started talking to queer punk bands in Sweden, where we mostly spend our time, and things got started.

I of course ordered Eekum Seekum tapes for our distro, but they only had like 4 tapes left and they sold out immediately, so I sent an email and asked for more and the answer I got changed so much.

I got the opportunity to talk to Kostas, the owner of the queer label Sabrota DIY in Greece about doing a re-release of the ”Gitterbomb” tape and my heart was beating so fast and I bet I even cried a few times of happiness over this.

Part from having my ultimate dreams coming true and living the life I always wanted instead of a narrow boring one, I found such a good friend in Kostas, releasing a record together has been more wonderful then I could even begin to describe and I have truly found a great friend along the way.

We are really close to releasing the Eekum Seekum ”Glitterbomb” 7” now, we just need a little support from all of you out there who also wishes for this dream to come true.

Since both Kostas and me are DIY queers, we don´t have a lot of money and we need to raise 650 euros, which is about 896 dollars.

For this fundraiser we have been digging up really awesome queer punk stuff for you to receive as a thank you for donating money!

For everyone who is willing to donate: from the deepest, queerest place of my heart, I want to say thank you for helping us. I love you more than words can say.

Sanna Adibzadeh / Crush & Create Records

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Venturing into dystopia screaming ”smash the cis-tem”… Just some chunks of my thoughts as Sanna absolutely covered me in every aspect.

”Without faith, we are nothing
Without unity we will achieve nothing
Through faith comes unity”

These are the lyrics of the track ”Faith” by an old British anarchopunk band, Electro Hippies with whom I grew up back in the day and still love them up to now. Furthermore, this is the simplest way to describe the basis of what I do with my DIY label Sabrota DIY. Initially a webzine, but a label/distro came up in the process. Co-operation was the next thing to pursue.

Unity creates bonds of friendship, gathering within soul mates alike. We are queer punks, forming temporary autonomous queer spaces for creating music and words against anything oppressive, fascist, homophobic and racist. We try to water the tree of mind and body liberation and in the process we have a great and constructive time doing so.

Sabrota is a new DIY micro-label and I was trying to communicate with like-minded people around the globe. I first found Eekum Seekum, queer punks from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and a very beautiful friendship was starting and that was also the beginning of a DIY co-operative voyage. Then I found Sanna, another friendship was bursting out and with a blast! It was inevitable for Sanna and I to co-operate, co-create and co-exist within the realms of this newly born friendship and our friends Eekum release came in the best time possible. Despite the heavy splinters of dystopia, the fire within is burning bright and more pink than ever!

We believe that ”Glitterbomb” tape (now sold-out) really needs a vinyl treat as well and we needed each other to do this. But here’s where we also need all the help we can get from like-minded people, thus the beginning of this fundraiser.

Amazingly big bouquets of thanks and cheers to my dear friend Sanna for this venture.
Amazingly big bouquets of thanks and cheers to my dear friends Eekum Seekum for this release.
Amazingly big bouquets of thanks and cheers to you for making this dream of ours possible.

Kostas / Sabrota DIY


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